jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010


What to do? What to do? What to do to be happy?
Life has taken on a dull color to me over the last year. I must confess, routine kills the motivation and saps the inspiration out of me.
Im admit, Im naturally a very laid back person. Love staying home, having my fixed ministry with nothing to upset it or surprise me. But even for me after awhile this can get to be quite enough!!!
I feel like breathing new air!!! I feel like the air im breathing is stale and old!!! I need to do somethingwith my life!!! Have goals!! Acomplishments!! Feel self-sufficient in life! learn to depend on nobody but myself and The Lord. I want to put my gifts and talents to good use! I want to derive pleasure from reaching excelence!!!
I want to go to europe!! thats my dream!! I want to study so many things.....but cant decide which brach of art to go for first........... incertainty is killing me.

martes, 2 de febrero de 2010


I know, it seems like forever has passed since I deserted this blog.
So many things have happened over this year, its would take to long to express, if it were possible.
Most of which took place within that invisible world which is my mind.
So many joys, so many sorrows. A pot-full of topsy-turvy emotions, which for the most part stayed pent up inside.
My joy in life this last year and source of fulfillment has been Iris. Thank God for her, she has been my lifesaver this year and most of those joys over the past year are attributed to her.
A picture can paint a thousand words and I have many to share with the world. As you who know me probably know, Id love to share them all with you.
Im a big fan of my little red-head and never tire of showing her off. Her every smile and look is a joy to me, so much so, thats its hard to remember that this is an excitement only a mother can feel. So Ill try to be moderate and choose among my many albums of pictures a few thatll bring you up to date.
P.S;By the way they arent necessarily in the right order.

jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009



Bells, intoning God's midnight peace,
owl trembles, whilst my lover sleeps

Lullabying, enotations clear and dull
Heartstrings linked and joined upon its toll

Creatures of the night while we surcease
thrive within your darkened realm of peace

Harmonizing, your chaotic timbers
Urging, coaxing me to dream,...and yet I linger.


inspired from Micheal Pianos instrumental," Bells"

sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Tomorrow is Father's Day, so I thought Id stop and dedicate a few words to my choice daddy (meaning no disrespect to my own) ......this ones for Agu. Theres nothing I think, that makes a girl fall faster in love, than knowing that someone loves u so much that he wants you to be the mother of his children. -Not to mention the security in your relationship. Of course Im not talking about those passing moods that guys can feel one day and forget about the next. .. Agu persisted, till he finally convinced me that his were genuine...Agus the sweetest daddy and I love him with all my heart...for some reason.....(I know this isnt appropriate to mention on a fathers day post) Iris still doest like him so much..much to his frustration...but I guess in time shell become a reall daddys' princess and he'll lose no oportunity to take her on every such age-appropriate adventure. Today it was so cute...I went out for about half an hour to the supermrket, and when Icame back I was delighted to find Iris in a wonderfull mood grinning from ear to ear while daddy gave her a bath..she loves baths...(I thought Id find her howling histerically like she had the last two nights when i was sick and Agu tried to take her) but I guess he thought ahead of a resoursefull way that shed have fun with him...and it worked! Anyway, i think u all figured Im reall proud of my daddy...hes so unique....Im sure all u women think so of ur own, but for me its hard to believe.

jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009


Circumstances brought you back again
Misfortune, oft before
I was made privy to the pain
you bring with you once more

Providence I pray may keep me
from the guest I dread foremost,
from the fear of loss so wretched
that comes to all who are your host

What will you take from me now?
I hardly dare to wonder

for precious things are best kept hid
from such your greedy hunger.

It isnt pearls I keep from you
nor diamonds at their best
Tis only a copper-headed treasure
that I hold close to my breast

It isnt jewelry wrought in gold
inlaid with choisest ruby
and yet its worth is yet untold
theres naught that mean more to me

Theres virtue in her rainbow eyes
life heaves warm within her chest
and from her sunshine smile exudes
a candid innocence.

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Cookie's bday!!

Cookie had his b-day party this Saturday. All the children went over to McDonalds while I decorated the cake for him. Cookie absolutely loves cars.....of all shapes and sizes, just saying the word car gives him the shivers...LOL!! So when he went to Isaacs bday party and they brought out the cake with little figures from the movie CARS on it, he burst into tears and ran to Vera ............"my cake is never gonna be that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So I thought that the least I could do for my little pupil was to decorate him an even cooler car cake........here are the results........of course when we sang happy bday to him he ran for his life and we had to drag him back to blow out the candle LOL!!! his favorite color is green by the way..........the alternative to pink........huahua!